A couple of years ago a potential customer demanded accessibility (a11y) in our software. We had little a11y consideration at that time, so started by adding tabIndex and aria-label. I heard the word “accessibility” before but had little knowledge about it. As I read more, I understood it is much more than that, and I became more and more fascinated with it.

#a11yTO 2020 is the first conference I’ve attended on this topic. It is virtual because of the year 2020 (I have to get up early since I’m on the west coast). Overall it was a well-organized conference (despite…

I recently started a React + Material-UI project. I naturally chose CSS modules (SASS modules to be exact) for styling over CSS-in-JS because I was more familiar with CSS/SASS. I also added typings-for-css-modules-loader in Webpack config for adding typing in TypeScript.

Then I started to realize a few issues.

For example, Webpack will generate .d.ts file automatically, but not that reliable. Sometimes I need to go back and forth and save (which triggers compiling and hot reloading) the component file itself, the component file which imports this component, and the CSS file.

But one other issue raises the red…

Xu Cheng

A digital poet, casual gamer, ex-YouTuber, baseball fan, Dr.

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