• Anthony


    Endless journey

  • Steve Kwan

    Steve Kwan

    Head of Process Optimization @BroadbandTV.

  • Angus Lee

    Angus Lee

  • Andy Huang

    Andy Huang

    Former vBulletin developer, audiophile, social media fiend, tech enthusiast, geek, gamer, amongst other things. Are we at 160 chars yet?

  • Udacity


    Democratizing education through skills-based online credential programs. Learn with us!

  • Dim McNami

    Dim McNami

    creative director / ux / design / music / ΔΦ / southsider / ahah / weltschmerz / flâneur / the beast&the bastard / beadyeyedboy.com / mcnami.com

  • Kima (Goran Kimovski)

    Kima (Goran Kimovski)

    Entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with a focus on cloud transformation. Co-Founder & CEO @ Infostrux, a Snowflake Services Partner

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